From my window

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs I look out my window today the sun is glistening off of the patchy snow.  The sun has hidden itself for quite some time.  As I look over the resting garden it amazes me that in a few short months it will be back producing food for the next year.  As it sleeps the planning begins.  This year my oldest daughter and her family will be moving here with us.  We are splitting our house into two separate places.  It is downsizing for us which is much needed.  This year we are making the garden a lot bigger and making a lot of raised beds.  We will be making this a family adventure to feed many.  The other goal this year is to hook up an outside sink so that the brunt of the canning chores can be done outside.  This will keep the house cooler. I will post pictures as this progresses.  The extra hands should make lighter work.  Last years garden was very productive, other than the absence of our fruit (apples, pears, and peaches).  The frost got them but the grapes and raspberries did extremely well.

Last year was the first year I used straw as mulch and I was very pleased with how that worked.  I’m looking forward to the gardening season but most of all for the chance of teaching my grandchildren the art of gardening.
Our steers Ziggy and Marley are not minding the winter weather at all but I’m sure that when the first blade of grass appears they will be sure to find it.

Reflections of a mothers heart

When you are young you never think that the day will come when you are old.  As a teenager you can’t wait to leave home and start your own life.  As my last child leaves the nest, I have to reflect back over time and wonder if everything my children learned is going to be enough to make it in this crazy world.  When they are little you can shelter them from harm, but as they grow you teach them to be on their own.  I tried to instill simplicity in my children.  I valued the simple things of being a stay at home mom.  Cooking, cleaning, canning, and gardening were not on any of my children’s top ten list of things they looked forward to when they grew up.  I had hoped that they learned something from me but I was never sure.  Now as I look at my three beautiful daughters raising children of their own I can’t help but be blessed.  They not only learned but are applying everything that is important to being a good mother and wife.  My son is venturing out on his own and has found a beautiful girl that will be his wife in September.  I can rest assure that all the praying and crying that has been done for these children in the past has not been in vain.  The most important thing I could give my children is my faith in God.  They have watched as God got us through good times as well as bad and they know that they are never alone.  As I grow older my prayer for my children would be to never take for granted the little things in life.  Dream Big – Live Simple – and Celebrate everything!

Inheritance or Legacy which will you leave?

  I went to church this evening and learned of a 27 year old mother of two girls had passed away.  She was at church on Sunday like all Sundays with her parents and daughters, only this Sunday would not be like the rest.  I shook her hand to greet her and held the door as she left.  No one new that after work on Sunday night she would swerve to miss a deer and die.  Her parents know that she went to be with the Lord and that assurance helps them.  Her little girl leaned over her dead momma and kissed her cheek to say goodby.  I don’t believe the little girl realizes that it was the last kiss until she see’s her again in heaven.

  Point is we go through our lives trying to survive without really living.  Seeing people without ever getting to know them.  Raising children and working hard so we can leave them an inheritance.  I believe at the end of the day we need to leave them a legacy.  We need to teach them that with God all things are possible,  to put others before yourself and to love one another.  When we spend time with those we love there is no amount of money that could replace that.

  We need to be thankful for what we have instead of complaining about what we don’t.  Life is a fragile thing, and we never know when we will take our last breath.

Rest in Peace Natasha Stanfield

Drying onions

Drying onions

I came up with a way to dry my onions without taking up a lot of floor space. I suspended a piece of lattice covered with a plastic piece of fencing. I used bale twine to hang it underneath our porch. It might not look so good but it does the job. The air can circulate all around them.

Forever Young

Forever Young

We took my husband Tim and my brother Barry Lee to Texas roadhouse to celebrate there 50th birthdays. This photo is of my brother, he was born premature and is what you call a special needs person. Thru the years of watching him get older but stay young amazes me. It is like time stands still for him. He finds such excitement in the little things in life. I am only a year older than him and I used to feel so bad because he could not experience all the things that a normal adult would. Upon further thinking God made him just perfect. He is a very special young man and my mom did an exceptional job taking care of him. He might be 50 but he will always be forever young.

Winter preperation

  The air has been very humid but we can’t allow that to deter us from preparing for the winter ahead.  The winter will be here before you know it and there is always a lot of things to do before we batten down the hatches for the winters rest.  We have a few pipeliners staying with us and they pay me for doing their laundry.  I use that money to get truck loads of cut offs from our local timber mill.  They charge 25$ a pick up load and it’s all hardwood.  We are very fortunate to have this resource.  The garden is doing well and so far we have 70 jars of strawberry jelly put up and 23 pints of peas.  The raspberries are starting and the squash has been producing.  The heat knocked out my broccoli and cauliflower so they need to be replanted for fall as well as more string beans.  In this heat the last thing you want to think about is a wood stove but I know with my husbands hard work getting it split and stacked we will be ready for the snow to fly. 

In the meantime while we are having this 90 degree weather I try and think of the changing seasons and how important each one of them are and the beauty and diversity that each one has.  It won’t be summer forever and soon the leaves will be falling and there will be a chill in the air.  When that happens I will be ready!